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About Marc Mueller

Marc Mueller is a seasoned Cyber Security Professional with over 10 years of experience in the field. He holds several certifications, including CISM, CISSP, and CEH.

Marc’s journey in cyber security began at the German Federal Office for Information Security, where he honed his skills and knowledge for several years. His career then took him through various sectors, including finance, logistics, consulting, and medical devices, allowing him to gain a broad perspective on cyber security challenges and solutions in different contexts.

Currently, Marc is involved in the Medical Device Industry, specializing in Product Security. His work involves securing embedded devices, a critical aspect of product security in today’s interconnected world

IoT and Embedded Security: A match (not) made in heaven

Embedded devices constitute an integral component of our contemporary industrial society. With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), a significant portion of the embedded world is now interconnected globally. Furthermore, technology platforms such as TinyML have simplified the implementation of Machine Learning solutions on embedded platforms. Regrettably, many information security managers and auditors remain unaware of the challenges posed by the embedded world and the potential security implications of embedded devices within certain environments.

Through my presentation, I aim to provide insights into the embedded world and the security challenges that may emerge from connected embedded devices. Moreover, I intend to offer practical advice and tools on how to assess and manage connected embedded devices (IoT) within a typical mixed IT environment.

The objectives of the presentation are as follows:

  • To understand the nature and function of embedded devices and IoT.
  • To comprehend the general and specific security challenges that arise from such devices.
  • To provide advice on conducting a thorough risk assessment of embedded devices.
  • To offer guidance on potential risk mitigation strategies.

    By the end of the presentation, participants should have a more comprehensive understanding of the embedded world and be equipped to manage associated security risks effectively.

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