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ANSEC IA Limited, now part of the Outsource Group, is a bespoke, client side consultancy practice focussed on pragmatic information security and cyber security advice and guidance to clients in both private and public sectors. As an IT & Management Consultancy, ANSEC can also provide support from feasibility review through business case development, specification & selection, procurement and project management of the implementation of an IT system. Our services include:

Governance Review, Design, Delivery

Consultancy services which will undertake an analysis/audit of a company’s existing governance policies, procedures, and controls against agreed frameworks. Identifying gaps, developing and/or improving existing controls /processes/documentation.

Discovery of controls implemented and identification of control gaps or deficiencies.

Reviewed against established frameworks and standards such as:

  • Cyber Essentials;
  • Cyber Essentials Plus;
  • ISO / IEC 27001: 2022;
  • Cyber Assurance Framework;
  • NIST.

    Also the provision of customised audits based upon client’s requirements which may include due-dilligence reviews, external and internal audits.

    Technical / People / Processes Audit

    Services, delivered by experienced and certified audit staff, to review, assess and audit internal company IT processes and controls (technical / processes / people focused) to ensure they are (a) fit for purpose and (b) provide independent assurance to management that they are effective.

    The risk identification and evaluation approach to all audit work uses audit programmes developed from standards and methodologies such as:

  • ISO/IEC 27001
  • NIST
  • CAF

    Cyber Security Gap Analysis

    An analysis of people, processes and technology which assesses and agrees for each client a minimum level of cyber maturity across all parts of an organisation. To support and build upon this baseline ANSEC will create & document a roadmap for improvement with additional technical controls for the client to build upon, which may include plans to progress inter alia:

  • Cyber Essentials;
  • Cyber Essentials Plus;
  • ISO /IEC 270001:2022 or NIST;
  • NCSC’s Cyber Assurance Framework

    ISO Consultancy

    Consulting expertise to develop and implement an effective Information Security Management System (ISMS); individually scoped and designed to achieve certification but tailored to meet an organisation’s business needs. As qualified ISO 27001 Lead Auditors, ANSEC consultants have provided implementation services to a large number of private sector clients across financial services, managed service and technology sectors.

    Incident Response

    A 24/7 bespoke service, staffed by a team of experts who can respond to a customer cyber incident in a pre-determined and effective manner.

    Incident Management Plan Consultancy

    Assessment and development of a Cyber Incident Management Plan (CIMP) which will cover all five phases of the Incident Response Model, from preparation through to remediation, lessons learned from the incident and its recovery.

    Tabletop Exercises (TTX)

    A real time, onsite, crisis management simulation facilitated by experienced ANSEC experts which allows customers to live the experience of an unforeseen cyber event and use learnings to highlight and address gaps in existing response procedures and protocols.

    From experience, untested paper plans are prone to gaps, for example key participants human response to an incidents (victim mentality, decision paralysis etc) and clearly defined roles and responsibilities in practice. TTX’s allow an independent assessment of the planned processes and delivers an evaluation of performance against a range of key metrics, with a view to improving response in a live environment.

    Digital Forensics

    ANSEC’s digital forensic examiners operate in a secure, govt approved unit based in Antrim and is manned by long experienced professionals in the forensic examination of computers, mobile phones and other digital devices. The team are highly regarded in this niche industry and have many years of experience working within the criminal justice system in Northern Ireland, Great Britain and the European Union.

    Services include:

  • Working with corporates, conducting internal investigations, from misuse of your company property to IP and data theft;
  • Analysis of a broad range of devices - from servers to mobile phones; and
  • Pro-actively and pre-emptively working with customers to help secure assets against risk from corruption, cyber-attack, and fraud.

    As well as ANSEC IA, Outsource Group companies include:

    Outsource Solutions – an MSSP providing services across Ireland and the UK;

    OSG Cloud - an enterprise grade AAA cloud infrastructure solution, designed in partnership with Dell/VMWare/Veeam/Intel built on DellEMC’s hyper converged infrastructure VxRail;

    OS Telecoms - Outsource Group is a unified telecoms provider, partnering with leading global telecoms provider 8x8 to enable our customers to avail of some of the best telecoms solutions available in the market, with a range of solutions to suit the SME/Enterprise markets. Services also include the provision of leased lines to ensure our customers have faster, more reliable connectivity to support their business.

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